Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pictures I promised ages ago :)

So I suppose I finally should get around to posting some pictures of me here! I'll start from the beginning and work my way through 3.5 months!

Leaving Florida: Me and my little brother at the airport August 5th, 2011

West coast trip: One of the amazing sandsculptures I saw when I visited the west coast.

My birthday: Me with my birthday cake

Intro camp: A picture of me in front of ARoS museum in Århus while at intro camp

District Get- together: Me and Misaki (Japan) after we hiked Himmelbjerg!

Random: Pretty Danish sunrise

Me right before my first take off:

Viking: Me dressed as a Viking in "Roskilde Viking Skib Museet"

Roskilde kirke: Me standing in the church in Roskilde
Unpictured: below my feet are dozens of dead ancient kings, queens, and other royalty

Me and my "friend" the guard in Copenhagen (this is as close as he let me get to him):

Den Lille Havefrue: The epitome of Denmark!

Me and My new boyfriend: JOKING! He's way too old for me! (it's the bog man in Silkeborg!)

National G2G: On the train ride home after our get-together (this picture doesn't even come close to showing how tired we were)

Kolding huset: Me in the courtyard of the castle in Kolding!

Obviously I've done much more than shown in these pictures but I just thought I'd attempt to keep my word!

Much love!


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