Saturday, December 17, 2011

I don't know what to call this so here ya go: Another Blog!

Why hello everyone,

So I have basically been having a blast the past few weeks and my exchange has definitely gone up on the happy- scale (is there such a thing? I don't really know, but for now we'll pretend!).

I spent a weekend in Copenhagen (which by the way is my favorite city! It is so beautiful! It's a great mixture of new and old- marked with history everywhere and yet modern at the same time.) I went with my club president and his wife. We had a great time, just walking around the city for a while. We also stopped by the National museum (which by the way has a great brunch saturday morning for anyone interested.,.. and it also has some really cool viking artifacts).

We also did a little creeping and found the USA ambassadors house and, of course, being the American I am I couldn't help but take a photo:

The best part about visiting Copenhagen was Tivoli! For everyone who doesn't know what Tivoli is- it is one of the most magical theme parks! It is smack in the middle of Copenhagen and at Christmas time it is beautiful! That weekend was amazing and definitely won't be my last weekend in Copenhagen (I love that city too much- I definitely reccomend it to every traveler!).

Aside from visiting Copenhagen, I've just been busy living life. I still go to language classes every tuesday and thursday. I go to the gym mondays (which unfortunately hasn't been doing too much to fight my rotary fat.... well at least I have a good excuse for buying cute clothes here?).

On Monday my 3rd host parents took me to Århus for a few hours to see "Den Gamle By" which was fun! It was interesting to see houses from over a hundered years ago! Heres one pic:

Another fun thing I did was learn how to shoot a gun [insert the screaming and fearful faces from my family and friends back home here]. I was surprisingly good given it was my first time!
^photographic proof

Since some people have asked me about the Christmas traditions here in Denmark I figure I should share them here:
~ They eat Æbleskiver and drink Gløgg (both pure deliciousness.... just use google and educate yourself). Oh and they eat pebernødder which are delicious little cookies and eat Ølkage which is basically the same thing as gingerbread, but made with Danish Christmas beer instead. These four things are basically the reasons why I am fat!
~ They have a Kalendarlys (advent candle) which you burn a little from every day in December which are amazing.
~ They actually celebrate the 4 sundays before Christmas which my family never did back home.
~ They always have real trees and wait until like a week before to decorate them!
~ They put these cute things around the house called nisser and they are basically little elves and they're adorable!
~ They have advent shows! The classic one is hilarious because it's half in english and the english is so terrible and they speak my language- Danglish! It's hilarious!
~ They celebrate the 24th not the 25th!
~ They put real candles on the christmas tree and dance around it on Christmas.
 Basically Danish Christmas is amazing! It is so beautiful and I can say that this Christmas is sure to be one I will never forget!

Last weekend I made a "Thanksgiving meal" for my host family. It wasn't a full legitimate Thanksgiving meal like I had hoped, but it was nice nontheless. It was just the 4 of us so there was no need to make a giant meal and they don't have a lot of things I needed to make some things I love (sweet potatoes aren't in Denmark along with canned pumpkin and we couldn't find a real pumpkin in December so no pumpkin pie or sweet potatoe casserole for me this year). It was great and my family liked the meal (although they probably thought I was attempting to give them diabetes with the amount of butter I put in the stuffing).

Aside from that I have just been making friends and having a great time here! I love my host family and the thought of leaving them scares me! I love my 3rd host family already, but this family now is so amazing and leaving them will crush me!

Wednesday is my last day in school before 2012. That day we are just having a few hours of activities and then that evening we are having the gymfest which should be lots of fun!

Until next time, I want to wish you all a Glædelig jul og Godt Nytår!